Dorothy Hughes Indianapolis Counselor

Dorothy Hughes, LMHC
phone: 765-237-7652

Dorothy Hughes Indianapolis Counselor

Dorothy Hughes


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Integrative Psychotherapy at the Crossing
8465 Keystone Crossing, Suite 208
Indianapolis, IN 46240
765-237-7652   My email is not HIPPA compliant/privacy protected so I cannot personally ensure the security of the Internet. I encourage you to only include the most general information necessary in your e-mail.

I offer a variety of appointments options:

    • In the Indianapolis office
    • Online video conferencing using, a HIPAA approved app*
    • Phone*

Appointments are available on Monday and Thursday from 1:30 to 7:30. There are weeks, due to outside obligations on Monday or Thursday, I offer office hours on Tuesday late afternoon/early evening as an alternative.

I generally respond to voice mails, texts, and emails within 24 hours of receiving them.

* Due to Indiana licensure requirements, online and phone appointments are available to Indiana residents only.

* I cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of calls when we speak on a cell phone.

If you would like to discuss concerns or questions regarding potential treatment, please contact me to see if scheduling a session would benefit you. Therapists do not come in “one size fits all." I am happy to have a brief phone conversation with you so we can determine whether we are a good fit.